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The deed was grim but the deed is done.

The necessary supplies have been procured and wait in labelled tupperware inside a mini-fridge located in Mitchell's lab. Mitchell, incidentally, is the only one who knows what the tupperware contain or their existence at all. The explanation had been brief to avoid confrontation or flared emotions, but the lab tech seemed understanding. Or at least indifferent. Science necessitates unpleasant realities sometimes and "unpleasant reality" is basically the definition of the world and bodies they now inhabit. Jesse didn't have to defend himself either way.

Harrowheart gets a text late one night. It's brief.

i got it.
come over. julie will be ready when u get here.
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A scout had been situated on a hill overlooking the St. Michael's School ever since Jesse's meeting with Harrowheart. The instructions were unusual, but unquestioned. All the Rotten trusted Jesse's judgement and plans and it was rare they required explanation for anything being done. It was always for the good of the gang. Jesse always knew what to do and how to do it.

It was eight days before the scout came to his room and reported what he'd been waiting for. Early that morning, a procession of the school's delinquents had been spotted carrying a shrouded bundle outside their walls, leaving it buried at the base of the hill.

Six hours after sundown, Jesse strapped a shovel and a pack full of plastic containers to his back and left the subway.

Oh Reverend, please, can I chew your ear? I've become what I most fear )
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Harrowheart should get a text bright and early this morning, from Jesse's own cell! It's neat getting to text again, now that they've got steady power to charge them up.

hey pardner. yall wanna come on down 2 the homestead today? meet some of the gang? we can talk some about yall doin some repairs on some bodies what need it? haha. haven't told no one about that yet. don't wanna get hopes up. anyway head on towards the subway if u wanna get the tour. meet u there!

Whenever Harrow wants to roll around to the graffiti-covered and chained-up subway station that acts as Jesse's door to the Nexus, there's the man himself, as promised. All bundled up against the cold, though, aggressively so. Guess it's not agreeing super well with him, given how the cowboy has his hat pulled low, a scarf wrapped around his lower face, a buttoned up winter coat and mittens. Once Harrow's in sight, Jesse gives him a wave.
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Both guns are loaded and he's got pockets full of even more ammo. Strapped to his back is a pick-axe and shotgun. Hanging on his belt is a flashlight and a prybar. And finally, maybe most importantly, a half-dozen cigars inside his coat's inner breast pocket.

Jesse's all set for his expedition. Tromping up the concrete steps of the subway entrance, he stands at the mouth and takes a moment to light up one of those cigars. A few thoughtful puffs as he waves out the match, looking around, taking in the Nexus before he says what's needed to summon his soon-to-be benefactor.

"Awrite, Schön, let's do this."
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Membership number: 24 (+1 dead)

Jesse's Perks:
-Musician: Bonus happiness to others during missions

-Firearm Training: +1 Defense with anything from pistols to machine guns

-Immune: Won't die from a zombie bite, +1 defense.

-Born Leader: +3 Leadership skill

Cutter: Male level 15 scavenger. His face is covered in a whole slew of cuts and slashes. Often has several knives on him. Can’t speak terribly well, usually refers to self in third person.

Two-Arm Reginald: Male level 8 scavenger. Skinny and speaks with a stutter. Good at getting out of bad situations. One arm is fallen off and tied to his hip.

Daisy: Female level 4 scavenger. Mouth is stitched shut due to her tongue and teeth falling out. A very talented seamstress, both in cloth and flesh; this makes her the unofficial nurse of the gang. Easily flustered around handsome men.

Julie: Female level 1 scavenger. A small girl who looks about 10 years old. Lower half of her face is rotted off, leaving just the skull. Was found by Jesse in a closet three weeks after her parents locked her in there and abandoned her. Shy around strangers. Always has a doll with her.

Biff: Male level 10 builder. Burly and bald. Usually grunts more than he talks. Always with Billy.

Billy: Male level 12 builder. Burly and tall. Speaks in short sentences. Always with Biff.

???: ??? level ??? scavenger. Has a flashlight. Will fill out blanks when more is determined.

Mitchell: Male level 10 engineer. Holes up in his lab in the subway base and hogs the science/teaching books and superhero comics to himself. Has a centrifuge and faulty autoclave. Has a peg leg fashioned from the end of a crutch replacing his left foot from the mid-shin.

Jimbo: Level 6 soldier. Deceased for good after being burnt to death by an demon in the Nexus. Had a nailbat.

Katana Guy: Level 15 soldier. Armed with, of course, a katana. Highly skilled at combat; swears it's all thanks to his choice in swords. Called Katana for short.
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A meeting of the gang was called the second Jesse was back underground. He then filled them all in on what was up there; some weird new place full of grass, electricity and running businesses. They nearly had a harder time believing that than Jesse's next story about how he met a robot and she was going to come down with another robot to take a look at their generators.

But other scouts soon went topside to confirm the same and came back, mute with disbelief. Granted, few of them wandered far from the subway, just like back home; habits die hard, especially ones that keep you from dying hard. But they all the saw the same thing; a place with no zed, bright and clean and like some kind of park or mall from the times before things fell apart.

When the day finally arrives for Blaze to visit, Jesse's waiting for her topside, using his tongue to wet down a fresh cigar. Well, fresh at least that it hasn't been lit yet. It looks a little crumpled, but these things are hard to get, darn it.
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